We received this lovely “Thank You” to put in to the annual FFLAG Newsletter.  We were so moved we wanted to share it with as wide an audience as possible and put it out on our website. Receiving something like this makes us renew our efforts in supporting our LGBT loved ones and their families. 

Coming Out & Thanks 

In my early teens I always thought that I was different but I was not really sure why or what that difference was. As the years went on I came to realise that I was most likely gay and that my life was somewhat different from that of my family and friends. I don’t think I was afraid to tell my family, more that I was still discovering who I was and needed to work that out for myself. I grew up in a rural location where there wasn’t much of a gay scene, the time I did spend on that scene was secretive and based around little white lies of where I was going and what I was up to. A combination of me living a ‘secretive’ life and wanting to travel, I decided to take a year out and go travelling.
I was the other side of the world and found myself in my first relationship. It was all very new and quite exciting and I found myself wanting to share this with my family. I took the easy option and decided to embrace technology and text my sister that I had met someone. After a short exchange of messages I had confirmed that that someone was a man and I was gay. It wasn’t long before the whole family knew and my mum was trying to plan a ‘coming out party’ I had always known in my heart that my family would still accept me but there was always that worry. I don’t  know why but my biggest fear was that my dad would not hug me again if he knew I was gay. A fear completely unfounded but one of the many different fears & emotions you experience when coming out. 
As you can see I have had very easy and pleasurable experience in coming out, so much so I even joked to my family about it being a bit of an anticlimax with no dramas! Though we all know there are still many, many people who’s coming out is not that easy and happy experience and these people and their families need support, encouragement and love. This is where the Mums and Dads of FFLAG play such an important role with their dedication to support the families of the LGBT community. These parents are continuing to fight for pure equality for their and others children. On behalf of myself, my friends and the LGBT community I would like to thank the parents of FFLAG for their ongoing support, love and the fight they have fought to make our lives better. 


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