Ban Conversion “Therapy”

The UK Government has made a commitment to ban conversion therapy for LGBT+ people and has published detailed proposals for implementing a ban.  However, rather than proceeding with legislation as other countries have done, the UK Government has opened a consultation, open to all, seeking views. 

There are a number of loopholes in the government’s proposals which would still allow conversion therapy procedures to take place in some circumstances. 

It is vitally important that as many LGBT+ people, allies and organisations make their views known.  FFLAG supports a complete ban on all forms of conversion “therapy” and will be submitting a response that makes this clear. 

The consultation closes on 4th February 2022. 

The Government proposals can be found here:

Please join us in making your views known by submitting your responses here:

Banning conversion therapy – Equality Hub – Citizen Space

Excellent guidance on submitting your response can be found here: