LGBT visits State Street in London’s Docklands

State Street was founded in 1792 and is the second oldest financial institution in the United States of America. The company’s headquarters are in Boston but it has offices in 29 countries around the world.  They are a huge American worldwide financial services holding company responsible for around $28 trillion of assets.
State Street Corporation has a buoyant State Street Pride (LGBT & Allies) group who, jointly with their UK Families Network, invited FFLAG to a lunchtime event at their London offices in Canary Wharf on April the 14th.
The aim of the lunch & learn event was for FFLAG to offer advice and support to potential parents of LGBT children, inform them about the work of FFLAG and where parents could find more information/ support when needed.
Two FFLAG Trustees, Virginia Field and Bruce Kent were pleased to attend the event which was simultaneously broadcast by live video link to the State Street offices in Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Munich, Paris, and five different office locations in Eire.
Bruce mentioned that it was the first time he had been asked to speak specifically to potential parents of LGBT youngsters and how pleased he was to be able to do so.  Too many parents, he said, are totally unprepared for that moment when their youngster says, “Mum, Dad, I’m gay” and can easily not react in the most helpful way as a result.
If they had looked into the subject beforehand and come to learn that being LGBT isn’t a sickness that needs curing and that sexuality and gender identity aren’t lifestyle choices they would have saved themselves and their offspring much heartache.
Virginia and Bruce both went on to tell their own personal stories and tell the group about the resources that are now available to parents and family members in the UK and about the work that FFLAG is currently doing.  There followed a question and answer session and it was clear to both Virginia and Bruce that there is a growing need for support for Trans youngsters and their families.
The presentations were well received with much positive feedback from the delegates and State Street has asked to continue to work with FFLAG in the future.
Virginia and Bruce