LUSH flies the FFLAG in Solihull

Ryan and Natalie, the Charity Pot Coordinators, and the whole team enthusiastically set about promoting the Charity Pots and telling people about our work.  They set aside an area at the front of the shop where customers could come and shape their own unique “Creamy Candy Bubble Bar”.

All the proceeds went to support the work of FFLAG.  It wasn’t just the youngsters who had creative fun either.

Bruce and Janet Kent from FFLAG joined them on the Saturday and were also given (along with frequent cups of tea), a spot where they could talk to customers about our work and give them helpful material.  Our huge thanks go out to the whole team for making it a joyful occasion.   They did us proud, decking out the shop with FFLAG posters and literature.  Ryan even sported a sparkling golden beard for the occasion!  What more could we have asked for?










Rear – Janet, Bruce, Ryan | Front – Katie, Louise









Louise, Katie, Ryan and Kirstie from Silihull LUSH