Pride 2016

Parents and family groups all over the country had a lot of fun celebrating their pride in their loved ones this year. Here are some highlights!


In July, support group Ricochet took part in Bournemouth’s pride festival, Bourne Free. Members wearing specially designed t-shirts emblazoned with ‘proud parent’ on the front and the group’s contact details on the back carried the rainbow flag at the heart of the procession.

Group leader Colette Hill said: “This was our third year at Bourne Free. People really appreciated us being out and proud parents and we always get a fantastic response from the crowd.”


Bristol Families and Friends

Parents from Bristol Families and Friends attended Bristol Pride once again. This year saw a new venue which enabled it to be an even bigger and better pride.

For the first time they marched proudly through the streets of Bristol with the FFLAG banner and were surprised at the amount of people stood supporting as they all marched along.

As always there was much interest at their stand, mostly from young people who stopped to have a chat.





Parents of Jewish Gays and Lesbians

This year the group marched at Pride in London – something they had never done before but given the recent Orlando shootings, wanted to be there to show support and fly the banner for Parents of Jewish Gays and Lesbians.

Alison’s son David was over from America so they went as a mother and son duo, together holding up high our home-made ‘Parents Care’ placard in support of Keshet UK and the Jewish Gays and Lesbians Group (JGLG). They joined up with the Keshet UK group and had a great time marching and networking with other faith groups.



Weston-Super-Mare Pride

FFLAG parents Janet and Bruce Kent and Sue and Bob Allen had a stand at Weston-Super-Mare Pride. What a fantastic day it was, very family orientated with lots of children with their parents, siblings and friends having fun.

FFLAG Trustee Bruce Kent was asked to say a few words about FFLAG and was greeted with warm applause. They met many wonderful people – the sun even made an appearance and decided to stay! A great time was had by all.

We had an incredible time representing FFLAG at Cornwall Pride, Pride in London and other events this summer and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.