Swindon Transgender Group

We also met Jez Farmer of Swindon Transgender Group which has been supporting trans people and their families since 1989.  Jez told us of some of the insensitive questions that people ask of trans men and women sometimes in a coffee shop or just walking through town.  Questions such as “What surgeries have they had?”  What genitals are in their pants?” “What is their sexual orientation?” “What is their real name?”  The sort of invasion of a stranger’s privacy that one would never dream of doing to a heterosexual person.
Talking to so many people, we were made more aware than ever that there is still a huge need to educate and inform the general public about Trans matters and to support individuals and their families and loved ones at every stage in their journey.
Our thanks go to Lexie and the team for making this event possible and we hope that this will become a regular event in Bristol and encourage other cities to follow suit in the future.