Trans Pride Southwest

Trans Pride South West had its inaugural celebration in Bristol over the long weekend of the 22nd to 25th September 2016.  The whole weekend was designed as a sister event to Trans Pride Brighton and the celebrations served to raise awareness of Trans issues and to celebrate diversity and have fun. There were many activities and events over the three day period and Bruce and Janet Kent were invited to join them at the Community celebration on the Sunday.
All were equally warmly welcomed, Trans, Intersex, Non-Binary, Gender variant and Queer people along with family, friends and allies. The people we met were some of the most colourful and enthusiastic and positive individuals we have known.  It seemed like many of the movers and shakers had come together to get things off the ground.
We met Katie Yeomans (pictured above with Bruce and Janet) who had come all the way from Portsmouth to support the event.  Katie only started her transition in late 2014 at the tender age of 61!  Since then she has been on a tireless “positive Transgender Awareness Campaign”, appearing on quite a few radio and television programmes.  On the way to the event, for example, she contacted Bristol Radio and they were more than pleased to interview her at length before she arrived.  Her aim is to inspire all LGBT people and especially transgender people and she certainly is doing that.
In the picture above are: Bruce, Janet and Katie at Trans Pride South West  25/09/2016