Free resources to download

The posters, booklets, newsletters and forms listed on this page are free for you to download. Individuals may request printed copies to be sent to them free of charge by supplying a postal address to us at [email protected]. Please help us continue to offer these resources without charge by making a donation to our costs.

Name Download Downloads
When someone you love is diagnosed with HIV
Download 822 downloads
How do I tell my children Im Trans
Download 699 downloads
How Do I Tell My Parents Im Transgender
Download 8845 downloads
A Guide for Family and Friends - Transgender
Download 6097 downloads
A Guide For Family and Friends - LGB
Download 15239 downloads
Download 28006 downloads

Name Download Downloads
September 2023 Newsletter
Download 62 downloads
April 2023 Newsletter
Download 205 downloads
December 2022 Newsletter
Download 275 downloads
May 2022 Newsletter
Download 366 downloads
December 2021 Newsletter
Download 358 downloads
March 2021 Newsletter
Download 693 downloads
September 2020 Newsletter
Download 784 downloads
February 2020 Newsletter
Download 881 downloads
August 2019 Newsletter
Download 875 downloads
April 2019 Newsletter
Download 1086 downloads
December 2018 Newsletter
Download 1194 downloads

Name Download Downloads
A4 Poster
Download 2629 downloads
A5 Poster
Download 2181 downloads

Name Download Downloads
Standing Order Form 2019
Download 748 downloads
Gift Aid Form 2018
Download 1357 downloads