Books For Parents

Interesting books for parents

Is it a choice?

Answers to 300 of the most frequently asked questions about lesbians and gays’ ­ Eric Marcus

Excellent book which answers all the questions you might like to ask but are fearful of offending. Candid and informative, this book will do much to demystify homosexuality

‘Beyond Acceptance – parents of lesbians and gays talk about their experiences’ ­

Carolyn Welch Griffin

This has had wonderful reviews in the States. The book covers a whole host of issues including what can be learned from books, changing inner perceptions and dealing with the rest of the family

My Child is Gay: How parents react when they hear the news’. ­

B. McDougall.
An interesting insight in to the wide range of reactions from parents.

‘Now That You Know ­ An essential survival guide for the coming out process’ ­

Betty Fairchild & Nancy Hayward.

Written by two mothers of gay children Now That You Know discusses the nature of homosexuality, counsels parents to respond supportively to gay children, and brings families together by maintaining the bonds of acceptance and affirmation.

‘A Stranger in the Family – how to cope if your child is gay’ ­

Terry Sanderson.

Well written book by an experienced counsellor dealing with all the issues from difficulties with acceptance, common fears, religion, AIDS and so on.

‘Family Outing – a guide for parents of lesbians, gay and bisexual children’ ­

Joy Dickens

A good book covering all issues involved, written from a British perspective.

‘The Family Heart – A memoir of when our son came out.’ ­

Robb Forman Dew.

Dew has something important to say to every parent, every child and every family Celebrate difference, diversity, acceptance and the whole range of family structures. It is important that young children develop an understanding and acceptance of same­sex relationships. This is even more important if you have a lesbian, gay or bi member in your family. Introduce children to the idea of loving same­sex relationships at the earliest age before they encounter negative stereotypes.  The books listed below all deal tenderly and warmly with the notion of love as natural and beautiful in whatever form it takes and that it is ‘OK to be different