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Confidential Helpline


OPEN FRIDAY and SATURDAY 10am to 6pm

Please note our Helpline is operated by a very small number of parent volunteers. They may not always be available during the above hours.  If your call is not answered it means no volunteers are available to take your call at that time. Please ring again a few hours later or on another day.

When the Helpline is closed or your call can’t be answered you can seek support from our email service as well as from the many resources on our website.

0300 688 0368*


Email Support

If you, your family or friends would like to access support, reassurance or information via email:

You can either click the button below, or email us at [email protected]

We will find a parent volunteer with similar experiences to yours and aim to respond in 5 days.

FFLAG is not an emergency service.

If you have an immediate life-threatening emergency, you should call 999.

If your situation is urgent please click one of the links below for emergency/ 24 hour support:

Giveusashout – Free 24/7 mental health support by text: Shout 85258
Samaritans –     Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen
Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline – operates 10am – 10pm 7 days a week Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

General Enquiries

Choose this option for general enquiries, requests for booklets & posters, volunteering opportunities, speaker enquiries etc.

You can either click the button below, or email us at [email protected]

Our Postal Address

FFLAG, PO Box 495,
Little Stoke,
Bristol, BS34 9AP

Please remember to tell us the address to which we should send our reply. This need not be your home address: it can be any address that is safe for you to use.

FFLAG uses plain envelopes for all correspondence.

FFLAG is a national charity run entirely by volunteers from our homes. We have no office, which is why our postal address is a PO Box.

FFLAG offers information and support through our booklets (downloadable here), a small network of autonomous local parents’ groups (listed here), and by email, telephone and post as described on this page.

FFLAG provides empathy and our own experience as parents in helping with the emotions that can arise when a family member comes out as LGBT or if you need support coming out yourself.

All contact with FFLAG is confidential and any personal information you provide is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.