How Do I Tell my Children? – I’m Transgender

Celebrating Trans Awareness Week 2021, FFLAG is delighted to be publishing the latest booklet in our support series ‘How Do I Tell my Children?  – I’m Transgender.’ The creation of this booklet was prompted by an increasing number of requests for support from trans parents who wanted to break the news of their transition to their children. It joins the family of FFLAG booklets, ‘How Do I Tell My Parents?’ and ‘A Guide for Family and Friends’ which are available in LGB and T versions.

All FFLAG’s booklets are written from personal experience so for ‘How Do I Tell my Children?’ we’ve collaborated with trans parents who’ve generously shared their experiences. The booklet is packed with quotes describing how contributors explained their transition to their children.

Bobbi Pickard from Trans in the City said:

‘Luckily, as we can see from many of the wonderful quotes in this booklet there can be – and usually is with time – acceptance and in many cases that acceptance is gloriously absolute. Personally, I think that’s because exactly the thing that makes us so anxious about telling our children – love – is the thing that carries us across so many seemingly stormy waters.’

The booklet will be launched on FFLAG’s stall at Trans Pride South West’s Community Day in Bristol on 20 November 2021 and is available to download from FFLAG’s website.