FFLAG’s Vision

A world free from ignorance and prejudice about sexuality and gender identity
in which LGBT+ people are valued and respected.

FFLAG’s Mission

“To support families with LGBT+ members”

  • To be the national umbrella organisation for affiliated groups supporting families with LGBT+ members.
  • To support and develop a network of local family support groups.
  • To provide direct individual support where local family support groups are not involved.
  • To educate and advocate for a world in line with our vision.
  • To work with other organisations to achieve our vision.
  • To ensure that we have the necessary resources to achieve our mission.

FFLAG’s Values

  • We value all people equally and regard differences in sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as being something in which to take pride and to celebrate.
  • We value diversity in behaviour and opinion, respecting all viewpoints that align with our vision, listening to the opinions of others and seeking to learn from their experiences.
  • We believe in acting inclusively, upholding equality law, treating everyone fairly and seeking to provide a culture which delivers the best outcomes for all.