Other Recommended Reads

‘The Velvet Rage. Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World’ ­

Alan Downs
This book outlines three distinct stages to emotional well­being for gay men.
The current ‘must read’ book.

‘The Year of Ice’

Brian Molloy
Set in Minneapolis in 1978, the narrator is the happy go lucky school jock surrounded by admiring friends, who is hiding a guilty secret as he slowly begins to come to terms with his sexuality. Laugh out loud funny, it deftly captures a whole process that all lesbians and gay men have to deal with.
Novels by Patrick Gale
(The Cat Sanctuary: Friendly Fire)
Booker Prize winner Alan Hollinghurst (The Line of Beauty)‘The Duke who Outlawed Jelly Beans’ ­ Johnny Valentine
Five very different fairy tales, all including gay or lesbian parents in some context.
These have all been recommended to FFLAG by parents and LGBT individuals