When someone you love is diagnosed with HIV

Someone you love may have just told you that they have been diagnosed with HIV. You might have been wondering if something has been worrying them, or maybe the news has been completely unexpected.

Whatever the background is that brought you to this page, you are probably looking for information, support or understanding – and possibly all three.

This booklet has been written in collaboration by Hatta Hodson and Janice Fakes, who shared the belief that a booklet was needed to help those whose loved ones have been diagnosed as HIV positive to understand the facts about what it means and to try to reduce the stigma, as explained by Janice below:

“When my son told me he had been diagnosed as HIV+ I felt shocked, upset, frightened and confused. When the initial shock eased a little, I found I had many questions – everything I thought I knew was based on the information provided in the 1980s by the government at the time – and I was scared and believed my son was going to die.

I really needed somewhere I could go to talk about how I felt and to find up to date information – but I felt the stigma often associated with HIV which left me feeling isolated.

I had previously been in contact with FFLAG and so asked if they had any information for the loved ones of people who had been diagnosed as HIV+, and they put me in contact with Hatta Hodson, who shared with me her experience and knowledge. We both believed that some kind of leaflet/booklet was needed to provide accurate up to date information and support to the family and friends of anyone with a HIV+ diagnosis, and to help dispel the stigma and discrimination often experienced by those living with HIV.

The result of our collaboration is the new FFLAG booklet ‘When someone you love is diagnosed with HIV.’ Please see the dedication to the memory of Hatta inside the booklet.”

When Someone You Love is Diagnosed with HIV Booklet

If you are finding it difficult dealing with or adjusting to this news, FFLAG is here to support you. FFLAG’s booklet ‘When Someone you love is diagnosed with HIV’ can be downloaded by clicking on this link or on the picture. Alternatively, we will be happy to send you a hard copy if you contact us.

We know that each family situation is different so please get in touch with us if you’d like to talk through what is going on for you. You can  call us or email us. We can put you in touch with a parent volunteer who has a child who has been diagnosed with HIV themselves.